Insect Control
Stinging insects can be dangerous to individuals and adversly affect businesses.

Stinging Insect Control

Northampton Pest Management provide a professional stinging insect extermination & control service for business customers & individuals alike. Stinging insects differ from biting insects insofar as the stinging insects inject venom into their victim whereas biting insects actually suck juices from their victim in order to feed.

All "social" stinging insects have the ability to swarm and attacks by mutliple stinging insects, especially in the case of wasps, can be particularly dangerous.

Wasps, unlike bees have the ability to sting multiple times and even for people who are not allergic to the venom, if the sting(s) are near the throat or face then severe swelling can occur and affect breathing. For victims allergic to the venom of these creature, a single sting can prove fatal.

There are several groups of stinging insect found in the UK found in the UK


There are several species of wasp commonly found in the UK and these are by far the most aggressive of the stinging insects, contact us for wasp extermination, wasps nest removal and wasp control services...


There is only one main species of hornet in the UK, the European Hornet, however, there have been sightings of the Asian Hornet which was accidentally introduced into France and has since found its way into Southern England...


There are a multitude of bee species in the UK and they play an essential role in pollenation of plants and flowers, with this in mind we are reluctant to carry out bee control measure unless they consitute a considerable threat to humans life...

For more information regarding stinging insect extermination & control in Northamptonshire, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details of our insect extermination & insect control services.